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The well-respected Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover has established this famous art scene, which has become one of the most important art venues in Ghana. Three expansive art floors were exhibited in the cool marble gallery, exhibited by famous artists such as Owusu Ankomah and George Hughes, whose paintings reminiscent of Jean Michel Basquiat and Willem De Kooning, while other painters It is a new and upcoming artist such as Ebenezer Borlabie. Market, country and urban scenes are full of political satire - of course, Glover himself has caged characters and intermittent crowd scenes. There are also collectors' works: Asafo logo appliqués and embroidered symbols; Akan and Ewe's ancient banded knit Kente fabrics; African masks; and finely carved furniture. Also on display are crabs, running shoes and eagle-shaped full-size coffins. Everything is for sale. The Artists Alliance Gallery has been dedicated to bringing attention to traditional and contemporary African art worldwide. The mission of the gallery is to provide art connoisseurs with rich and authentic contemporary art and traditional African art, as well as value-for-money art services. The gallery has invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure that the artists and artworks displayed are made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure their longevity

All inquiries should be sent to the above address by email or post. The gallery accepts applications from artists, which should include no less than 20 resumes and portfolios of recent and best works. After the jury reviews the portfolio, the applicant will be contacted All reservations for private viewing, group tours and event venue logistics should be produced and approved two weeks prior to the scheduled date

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